Trouble Shooting Your Halogen Oven

Trouble Shooting Your Halogen Oven


There are a number of reasons your Halogen Oven may stop working, the most common problems I have heard customers complain about are listed below:


1 The light doesn’t come on

2 The fan stops rotating

3 The light trips on and off too randomly

4 The timer doesn’t go off


Here are the likely solutions to each of the problems listed above.

  1. The Halogen light does not come on

This is most likely caused by a burnt out heating element, this can easily be replaced and your oven will be as good as new.


  1. The fan stops rotating

When the fan stops rotating, the light may still come on but the oven doesn’t perform well, this is because heat doesn’t circulate properly to food cooking.

The Motor is responsible for the fan rotation and will need to be changed.


3. Light trips on and off too randomly

It is quite normal for the Halogen Oven light to fluctuate, this is to ensure a well regulated temperature in the oven, but when the light does this too often without the food cooking  properly then there is a problem !

This means your thermostat needs to be replaced


4 The timer doesn’t go off

Ideally when the temperature and timer knobs are set, the timer rotates to the off position after time set has elapsed and the Halogen Oven goes off,  if it doesn’t then it needs to be replaced because food  cooking can get burnt without supervision


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