What Is A Halogen Oven ?

Halogen Ovens are kitchen devices that are multifunctional, they roast, bake, grill, airfry, steam, reheat and dehydrate.

The technology behind a halogen oven is quite simple, the heat source is from a halogen bulb accompanied with a fan to blow heat to all parts of the food ensuring even distribution of heat, they also have a thermostat and this provides a controlled temperature inside the oven.

The halogen oven is also a healthier way to cook. The powerful fan circulates hot air inside the oven, causing unhealthy fat to drain off your food, and also ensuring that your food is cooked evenly without the need to turn half way through cooking.


No more waiting for your oven to preheat, the oven reaches your desired temperature almost immediately, and cooking times are reduced by up to a third.  And when you’re done, just put some warm water and soap in the bowl, set it to “wash” and the halogen oven cleans itself!

Our Hometech Halogen Oven comes with 10 accessories for perfect cooking


Extension ring

High rack

Low rack

Steamer tray

Frying pan



Silicone mat

Lid Holder

Toaster Rack


In the next post, I will be explaining the functions of each of the accessories mentioned.


Halogen Ovens save energy and make cooking much fun(the light glows up your kitchen in such a beautiful way ) and easier, they are a must have in your home!


You should have one too.


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